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Ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcing

Coffee wouldn’t be possible without the farmers around the world who grow it. That’s why we work alongside them to support sustainable farming practices and their communities.

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Partner Stories

Being a Starbucks partner means you are more than just an employee – you are a member of our inclusive partner community.


Match the mug to yourself!

Take care of the welfare of our planet without parting with your favorite coffee in your own reusable mug.

Why is it a good idea to have a Reusable Cup every time you visit a coffee shop??

One of its most important advantages - it reduces the use of disposable packaging, and thus helps take care of the environment.

Come to your favorite Starbucks® coffee shop and choose your own Reusable Mug.

We have known for a long time that coffee tastes best in such a cup!


Plastic cup for best summer days


Bottle perfect for travelling. For hot or cold drinks

Tumbler for longer walks. For hot or cold drinks


Ceramic mugs for busy mornings or lazy evenings. For these mugs you don’t need any occasion, they are good for any time of the day. 


For drinking coffee at the office. For hot or cold drinks. 



As a responsible brand that strives to cause minimal impact on the planet, aware of climate change, Starbucks makes systematic efforts to reduce waste going to landfill by 50% by 2030, as part of its global commitment to become resource positive by the end of the decade. Since 2009, customers of the chain enjoy a discount of -0,50 BGN if they order their drink in their own reusable cup, tumbler, or thermos. In 2019, the brand removed the supply of plastic straws from all its sites across Bulgaria and introduced a special model of lids for the cups that totally eliminated the need for straw. 

Starbucks is also trying to motivate customers to cut down on single-use cups with a wide range of original tumblers and reusable cups available to buy. The reusable cups are one of the most popular items in Starbucks merchandising offerings.

From mid-January this year, the brand is moving to the next stage on its way to eliminating paper and plastic waste – adding a small charge for disposable plastic lined cups. All income from this fee will be donated to WWF Bulgaria to expand the network of protected areas in the country. National and natural parks, reserves, and natural landmarks, also known as protected areas, occupy only 5% of the territory of Bulgaria, although the country is in one of the first places in Europe in terms of rich and preserved nature.